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          Natural Gas Industry B是天然气工业杂志社与KeAi公司合作,在爱思唯尔的Sciencedirect平台上出版的在线期刊,创刊于2014年。

          The objective of Natural Gas Industry B is to report cutting-edge academic research in the field of natural gas, present the development trends of engineering technology, and promote the progress of engineering technology with theoretical research results. 

          Natural Gas Industry B的目标是报道天然气领域的前沿学术研究,呈现工程技术的发展趋势,以理论研究成果推动工程技术进步。 

          Natural Gas Industry B covers all fields of the natural gas industry from upstream to downstream, including geological research, geophysical exploration, gas recovery, drilling engineering, gas processing and utilization, gas storage and transportation, QHSE management, marketing, and the economy. Topics include: include the origin and accumulation of natural gas; natural gas geochemistry; geophysical exploration; gas-reservoir engineering; well logging, testing, and evaluation; mathematical modelling; enhanced gas recovery; thermodynamics and phase behaviour; gas-reservoir modelling and simulation; natural gas production engineering; primary and enhanced production from unconventional gas resources, subsurface issues related to coalbed methane, tight gas, shale gas, and hydrate production and formation evaluation; long-distance pipelines; digital technologies applied in gas fields; gas processing/LNG/CNG technologies; LNG terminals and underground gas storage; and natural gas pricing and marketing. 

          Natural Gas Industry B涵盖了天然气产业从上游到下游的各个领域,包括地质研究、地球物理勘探、天然气开采、钻井工程、天然气加工利用、天然气储运、QHSE管理、营销、经济等。主题包括:天然气的成因和聚集;天然气地球化学;地球物理勘探;气藏工程;测井、测试和评价;数学模型;提高采收率;热力学和相态行为;气藏建模与模拟;天然气生产工程;非常规天然气资源的生产和增产、与煤层气、致密气、页岩气和水合物生产和地层评价有关的地下问题;长输管道;气田中应用的数字技术;天然气处理/LNG/CNG技术;液化天然气接收站和地下储气库;以及天然气定价和营销。 

          The bi-monthly Journal of Natural Gas Industry B also focuses on economical, environmental, management, and safety issues related to natural gas production, processing, and transportation. 

          双月刊Natural Gas Industry B还关注与天然气生产、加工和运输有关的经济、环境、管理和安全问题。 

          Research articles, case studies, field progress reports, conference proceedings, and review articles will be accepted, especially those presenting a forward view of the selected topic, novel research, instructive value, and technical practicality for field practices.